Simple Pricebook

I just got done with the latest app. Amie had requested something like this a while ago, but I thought there was something in Google Play that would do what she wanted. Finally, we sat down and looked and just couldn’t find one we liked. So I wrote up “Simple Pricebook”.

One thing I wanted to do was to keep this simple.  So really, there’s two screens.  The main search screen, and the results screen.  Depending on how much information you enter in the search screen will adjust the amount of output in the results screen.  Enter just an item, then you just get a list of the items prices.  Enter an item and a quantity?  Then you see the items, and how much they would be if they were adjusted to that quantity.  Enter an item, quantity, price and store?  Then it’ll save the item, show you the comparison in that quantity, and tell you the price difference.


The app right now is $.99.  I plan on increasing the price in the future once I have a few more features in there.

Get it at Google Play

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