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Today, I have a guest post on The Daily Retort.  If you haven’t read the article there, go ahead and give it a read.  It’s pretty funny.

For those of you coming from the Daily Retort, welcome! This blog is a collaborative blog of my wife and I. This means you get two perspectives with a single RSS subscribe.  Sometimes the post are humorous, sometimes they’re funny, sometimes they’re helpful ideas, and sometimes they’re just cute things about our kids.  There’s stuff for everyone.

I guess this is where bloggers point out all the book deals they have. I suppose if someone wanted me to write a book I could try.  But I am not very knowledgeable about horses. Hopefully it’s a different topic. And then people will point out their speaking schedules. I don’t have any either. Again, if someone wanted me to, I could probably do it. And I won’t reiterate my point about horses.  If you’ve forgotten it now, there’s something very wrong.  If you’re looking for guests posts for your blog, I could probably do that.  I can usually find something humorous about almost anything.  Even horses. Feel free to contact me.  With no books or speaking gigs to push, I suppose I could give my Android apps a shameless plug.  If you have an Android phone, feel free to browse some of the apps I’ve made.  I have a giant list ideas and I’m slowly working through them, so there will be more later.  And if someone wanted to donate a Mac to me so I could write apps for the iPhone…..nevermind, that’s not going to happen 🙂

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