Week 35-In which I wish to stay at home and never go out (or what Amie’s really like all the time)

 BabyFruit TickerFatigue has been a little better this week with Bryan going back off call. However, I have taken a nap this week, and I might take another one today! For some reason, I have a sudden onset of restless leg syndrome that is pretty minor, but seems to kick in every night when I go to bed. So, I end up being all twitchy and getting back up again which makes for shorter nights as well.

I decided this week that we needed to limit weeknight evening activities to 2 per week, so we stayed home from something for the first time in a long time. It was nice, and if I could, I would probably stay home from everything as I’m feeling like hibernating/nesting. I just want to be home so that I can intermittently sleep and clean/cook/organize.

We’re keeping up with school well since baby is going to knock us off our rhythm for a while, but that is a big reason we school year round so that when we need to take a break we can. I have some plans for the girls to work on a special report/project on a special interest while Micah and I mostly rest and get used to the house. I think Hannah is going to do her project on ninjas while Emma may be focusing on ice skating.

Besides wall decor, the baby room situation is pretty slick right now. I think we have enough clothes for the first little while as well. So, now I’m moving on to a few extras. I have some sewing/buying that I need to do to be prepared for nursing this little guy. I also have some ingredients fresh from Amazon to make some baby lotions and diaper ointment. Finally, I need to do some freezer cooking this week.

Apparently, Micah’s brain is rapidly developing, his hearing is in place, and his kidneys have finished developing. Now, I guess he’s just getting cute and round (like a honeydew or a coconut this week, depending on your source) so he can come and see everyone!

On an amusing side note, I was reading on the baby boards that some ladies are trying to bring their left foot up to their left ear to help jump start labor. Others are eating “labor cake” or pineapple. I’m not sure what kind of craziness I’ll be attempting if this little guy starts becoming late or wakes me up in the middle of the night for days on end like Hannah did, but I’ll let you know if and when it commences. First though, I need to preregister at the hospital, and get my bags packed. No shenanigans until then, and I’ll try not to evict the poor guy until he’s at least a few days overdue 🙂

What fun have you been having this week?

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