Nope, this is not a review for the documentary. This is just something that naturally happens as you or anyone else educates or simply hangs out with your children. We already touched briefly on this during the heathen pasta incident. Now I found it happening again as Bryan came home from work last night. I was feeding Micah in a back bedroom while he walked in the door amidst shouts of “Daddy!” Then, the next thing I hear is “You brought home coupons!” Yes, there were coupons in the mail, and if Dad wasn’t a big enough hero in Emma’s eyes, he not only came home, but he brought coupons. Obviously, I have taught her the value of being frugal 🙂 Can coupons be a love language?

Note: I am not an extreme couponer. We don’t even get a Sunday paper. This is all just from subtle money saving education.

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