What’s up with the game “Mousetrap”? It’s been around since 1963, and I think it’s fair to say it’s been played a total of 8 times.

The mice are more afraid than they should be

The mice are more afraid than they should be

Of course, when I say played, I mean the actual rules read, game setup, and game played by the rules. Everyone knows that even if you wanted to play the game, you had to set up the game first (or this might have been part of the game). This was a difficult task.

The premise of the game is that you move your piece around the board waiting to land on a special space. Rather than having the event that occurs at this space be determined by roll of the dice (because dice technology has been pretty stable the last few hundred years), they instead tie it to a complex contraption whose probability is based on factors that include, but not limited to: ability of an 8-year-old to assemble, age of the rubber band, humidity and temperature, levelness of the carpet, what parts got replaced by other parts, etc.  It finally hit some object, and a net fell down.  I’m not sure if having it go all the way down was good or not, but it really was quite lackluster in either outcome.

I’m trying to figure out if the guy that was pitching this idea came in with a crude prototype, and the people are like, “It doesn’t work.  Is it suppose to not work? Ahh….let’s just sell this.  This is cruel and hilarious.”

There’s no app in the Google Play for Mousetrap. Maybe I should write a game that requires stuff to be placed and angled precisely, then throw in randomness to ensure failure most of the time.  Or maybe Amazing Alex covers that already.

Did you ever get Mousetrap to work?

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