I didn’t really LOL

There’s just something about when the humor is being delivered from a medium I know won’t get feedback (movie, webpage, etc), I just don’t laugh a lot. If I’m at a comedy show, or talking with people, yeah, I’ll laugh.  But reading stuff on the Internet?  Not really.

So every time I see “LOL”, which means “laughing out loud”, I always think to myself, “Really?  You’re laughing out loud at this?  I doubt it.”  And there’s “ROFL” which is “Rolling On the Floor Laughing”. I think these people have serious control issues.  Do you clear a path near your computer?  Do you go down to the floor with a smooth motion or is it sudden like a seizure? And then for the “really hilarious stuff”, people will use ROFLMAO, which stands for “Rolling on the Floor Laughing My Bum Off”. I can’t tell if they’re burning so many calories that they’re actually losing weight from this, or if this is something they should seek medical advice about?  If it’s the former, it could be a great weigh-loss program. Who wouldn’t want to just look at funny pictures on the Internet to lose weight? Hopefully it comes off other areas too. If it’s the latter, I’d suggest seeing probably a psychologist before the proctologist.

So what do we need? Well, we need to just stop using acronyms.  Seriously, it’s 2013. Many phones have nice keyboards. We’re not doing T9 entry.  And those that argue text messages have a 160 character limit?  Let’s argue that point when you’re just typing LOL and you have 157 characters remaining. “Oh, but it’s faster.”  OK, but maybe take an extra 2 seconds and give meaningful feedback instead of a canned answer. And if you’re arguing while you’re at a computer with a real keyboard on some site that can have unlimited text length, you lose the argument.

But for those of you who still want acronyms, here they are:

ISAB- I smirked a bit
COS- Chuckled Once Softly
SH- Said “Heh”
IJF- I Just Farted. Sure, it has nothing to do with the context of the conversation, but if you have a belly full of Taco Bell, it just happens. And if you were face to face, they would know. Or would at least appreciate the verbal warning.
DNGJ- Did Not Get Joke
YTIW- You Told It Wrong

Do you acronym (DYA)?

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