Website redesign ideas

I’m thinking about redoing the website for .Overall it would be a flat UI design (like how Android and (soon) iOS look). This is a wireframe mockup. It will have color 🙂


This would be the main page. It would list all apps. For a specific OS, you can hover on that to see a menu of apps available for that OS, or just click on “Android” to get to a page that’s like the main page, but only Android apps.

Some apps would be featured larger with a more detailed description. Other apps would be smaller. Each of those boxes would include a link to the proper app store.

A few subpages (About, Contact).


Each app would have it’s own page. When you hover over a screenshot, it would give a description of it. If you click, it shows up larger (with this same description). You could flip through the enlarged screenshots).

QR code for larger screens (not needed when you’re on the phone itself).

Larger buttons that link to Google Play, Apple App Store, Amazon AppStore, and Blackberry App Store (apps may not be available on all platforms).


If an app has a bunch of features and there needs to be an instruction manual, this would be it. Screenshots are paired with larger text blocks of instructions.

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