A Story of Many Small Graces

A few years back, this happened (which is worth a read just for the cute stories about the chickies). Which led to me having a surgery (back posts dated 6/4/2008 and following detail that icky little journey). Afterwards, I looked like this

emma1215Nice, huh? In 2010, right around Christmas, I had to go back for a follow-up MRI, and they told me that it looked a little larger, but they didn’t need to do anything right now for it. Not super comforting, actually it was pretty disappointing. So, today, I went back for another follow up. But before I tell you about that, I get to tell you a little about God and His sweet working for me.

The details on going for two separate doctor appointments while nursing, during one of which I would not be able to hang with the baby, are a little stressful for a planner like me. So, I asked my friends to pray for me. That week, it was even before I asked friends to be praying, we had a weird schedule. On that day, Micah woke up at a different time than usual so his feeding schedule was adjusted, and it didn’t overlap with our plans for the day. I don’t know why, but I just got such peace about that. Then, in my readings in Proverbs and Psalms that week, God reassured me of His sovereignty. It was so comforting knowing that He was in control of everything that was happening.

Then, it really starts to get interesting. On Sunday, I had a fever and was sick, but still Bryan was able to take care of things, and I wasn’t agitated. I still felt peaceful. I was amused to think “I suppose someone who was more superstitious would think this is a bad omen. I’m so thankful that I have been told the Truth and been given grace to believe it.” I also got a note from a friend saying that she was praying for me. Monday was our anniversary which was low key but still special. I’m so thankful for Bryan. Then came Tuesday. I was awake after feeding Micah early Tuesday morning (busy brain still thinking about logistics of Thursday) so I was tired. After swimming, I managed to take a tumble while holding Micah (who was thankfully fine) and sprain not one but both ankles. Even though, this was pretty irritating and led to some figuring, I still had a lot of peace, and it kept everyone busy and our minds on something else. It was truly a little blessing to us (still hopefully a blessing that heals quickly 🙂 ).

This morning, Micah woke up at a different time again which made his feeding time not overlap with the MRI time (blessing one). Then Micah and I were in the van so I could feed him before the appointment, and we had a sweet time while he was playing with the visor in the van (blessing two). It’s hard to worry about anything when you’ve got a curious, jabbering, smiley baby on your lap. Then while I was feeding him, I checked the verse of the day on YouVersion, and it was Matthew 6:33, again reassuring me that God was in control (blessing three). Mayo has wheelchairs readily available so I didn’t have to walk through the huge building for my MRI or appointments (blessing four). At the appointment, Bryan sent me a cute picture of Micah (blessing five). I also got to use the new MRI machines which are much less irritating and a little faster than the old ones (blessing six). At home, Hannah finished the writing for her sword study and Micah got a nap before we left (blessing seven and eight). On the way to the second appointment, we had some fun joking about adult strollers (blessing nine). And then, even though Micah was nursing and had to attend the appointment with me, it went well. The doctor said that they couldn’t see a noticable difference between the tumor size from this time and last time. (blessing ten). He even added that the tumor could double in size with no impact (blessing eleven).

His grace to me is so great. The blessings were cranked up to 11 today.

Hope you are having a wonderful day of His blessings today, too!

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