In which Hannah decides to become an arborist

Yesterday, we had a tree service come out because one of our trees in the back had lost a large branch, and we didn’t want it to fall on someone. While they were here, we had them trim up the overgrown tree out front to get it off the house. Emma is amazed at how unobstructed the view out the front window is. The presence of the tree service meant the absence of most school work as it is hard to concentrate when people who climb trees for a living are working around your house.

imageThe girls were in awe of the guys from the tree service. They kept tabs on them. “Sling guy (appropriately named since he had an arm in a sling) is heading around to the front!” “White helmet guy is putting on a harness!” They cheered them on. “C’mon tree man, make it fall!” They giggled and screeched over falling leaves and branches. “That one just fell on orange helmet guy’s head!”


Most of all, though, they were in awe of the tools. The big ladder was cool. The harness for climbing in the trees was awesome. There were chainsaws and chainsaws on sticks. Then . . . there was the bucket truck. This was the pinnacle of amazing machinery. They were pretty sure they wanted one for Christmas, but if they couldn’t have that, they at least wanted a leaf blower.


When the leaf blower came out, there was much awe and delight. Unlike the chainsaws, they saw a lot of potential in this tool. Hannah thought that it would be a good tool for sweeping the kitchen. Emma thought it would come in handy in cleaning up their room. I think it would be handy to gather up dirty clothes.

What would you use a leaf blower for?

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