And the dough did not run out

Today we were making a bunch of cookies for a church event. They were cut outs which means “time consuming.” We were doing it while Micah napped because when he woke up, I would have to pause everything to feed him. So, I was in a hurry, and we were all rolling and cutting as fast as we could. During this, Emma paused and prayed that Micah might sleep until we had finished the cookies.

As we got the third and fourth dozen into the oven, I got a little bit worried. I wanted to have 60 cookies for the event, but my dough was running low. Again, Emma paused and prayed that we might have enough dough for the church cookies and a few left over.

The results of these prayers? God answered “yes” to both. Micah slept until the cookies were done, and we ended up with 62 cookies.

I love interacting with God and my children. Their faith doesn’t question the sovereignty of God. It doesn’t think that God has bigger things to do than make sure we have enough cookies.

And this is why Christians of all ages need to interact with one another. Do I know more about God than my kids after studying the Bible for many years? Yes, of course. But children have an energy and trust and pure love in their faith that hasn’t been worn down and challenged by the world. We can learn from that. We can be energized by that. And those who are older than I am? They know a lot more than I do from their study, and life has produced some of the fruit from suffering and patience and endurance. But they also benefit from being around the young who have that pure, sweet, first love of Jesus still burning in them. They benefit from being around people who pray for cookies.

The best thing to me about this, though, is that God answered. He doesn’t leave me alone with these kids to instill faith in them. Nope. He reached down with the love of a father and gave them what they had asked for. This not only encouraged my daughter’s faith, but it also filled my heart with trust for the one who loves my kids better than I do. Praise God for His great and unfailing love, even for the little ones.

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