Homeschool exercise

We live in the frozen north. From about November to March, going outside is pretty iffy. Yes, I know, you’re supposed to go outside every day. It’s really important for the kids. Last child in the woods, yada yada yada. But no, the windchill this afternoon was -14 F. That means no.

However, I still try to work in exercise with the kids because otherwise I don’t get any exercise and then I can’t excuse eating as many brownies as I want, and honestly, they would rather sit and read a book. Really, who wouldn’t? Add some hot chocolate and a fireplace, and that’s the perfect winter day. So, I have some walking fitness videos because they’re simple, no Zumba dance skillz required, plus the people on the video have adequate clothes on which I appreciate.

So, after breakfast, we have a little time for singing hymns, then we head downstairs to walk around our family room. The area in front of the tv isn’t very large. If we move the coffee table, the three of us can stagger our positions around (not stagger around, thank you very much) the room and manage not to bump into one another. But then, Micah.

Micah spends this time channeling his inner cat. I don’t know where he gets inner cat although I admit, I do like to curl up in a warm place and nap, so it’s probably from me, but I digress. As we start moving around, Micah starts crawling in between our legs. We spend most of our time warning the other walkers of his presence.

As our walk moves on, the video inevitably encourages us to move forward and back. Hannah likes to do this in a circular fashion around Emma and I. So, if you’re keeping up, we have a baby crawling around and through feet and a 7-yr-old circling us.

So far, no one has sustained major injury, but it’s really just a matter of time.

Micah generally only lasts 5-10 minutes before he decides that the best place to be during exercise is in Mom’s arms. I would probably decide this, too, if I had been almost stepped on a few dozen times. I figure this can only increase the effectiveness of my workout, right?

So, not only is our workout good for our bodies, it’s also good for a laugh as well.

So what do you think? Does “working out” at 8 am entitle me to wear yoga pants all day?

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