Candy Socialism

or Candy “Early Church” if you prefer

Tonight is the night when many households become enriched with a cornucopia of candy blessings (or curses if you worry about the health of your family). There are many different theories as to what is the best way to handle the candy, but I thought I’d share what our house does.


Generally all the candy goes together in one big bowl. Then, everyone gets to have 1 or 2 pieces, depending on size, each day until the candy is gone or only gross stuff is left (or it’s close to Christmas). If candy is left and it’s getting close to Christmas, that candy gets thrown out or sent to Daddy’s work where someone inevitably eats it despite the fact that they are adults and can buy good candy whenever they want.

The great thing about Candy Socialism is that everyone shares. The girls will often swap parts of their snacks on their own to get greater variety (Emma traded 2 fruit snacks today for a Spree and a Bottlecap), and everyone encourages Mom to eat peanut butter cups because they know she likes them. There is no need for parent thievery or “trades” or bargaining. Nobody argues about fairness. Everyone gets to choose the candy that they like the best from what’s left until it’s all gone.

Understand that I truly believe in property rights. The girls do not have to give up American Girl dolls that they have bought themselves to one another. They get their own pencils and pens and scissors. They don’t have to share blankets, clothes, etc. They have cups that are their own. I encourage sharing, but I don’t require it unless it falls under one of our community property areas. We have categories of shared toys (we don’t keep everyone’s Lego sets separate). We share books. And, we share candy. If someone buys special candy for themselves, they do not need to share, but gifted candy is community candy.

This system probably wouldn’t work for many or even most houses, but it works for us. Now, the only problem we have left is whether or not to face the bitter cold tonight to let Hannah go trick or treating. It’s going to be below freezing out there. Brr!

Do you share candy?

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