Depression-era Frugal

As I started cutting the watermelon off the rind that my husband had missed with the melon baller, I realized that I’m not really like other people. At least not in this generation.

Last week, I got grief for pouring two mostly empty ketchup bottles together because I spent some extra time ensuring none was wasted (minutes, not seconds).

Time forced me to give up my pursuit of the last droplets from the dish soap bottle, but if I had not been in a hurry, I would have swished some hot water in the bottle and added it to the dishwater.

I save celery stalks, carrot tops, and chicken carcasses for broth.

I’ll reuse Ziplocs if I can.

I sometimes save curtains, sheets, and other pieces of old fabric just in case it might be able to be recycled into a sewing project someday.

We eat our leftovers. If we won’t, I will sometimes plan a meal just to use it up. The leftover quinoa and oatmeal in my fridge? It’s going into a multigrain bread.

If we won’t use it for a while, I will freeze it for later.

Soup cans make great pencil holders.

I said that I would make Hannah’s wedding dress should she ever get married. She agreed as long as I wouldn’t use old sheets or whatever (see above) and would actually purchase the material new. Apparently, I’m Maria von Trapp at our house.

Sometimes I wrestle with the decision to throw things away even if I know I won’t use them. I still throw it away, though.

I used to save milk jugs to put my homemade cleaners, but it turns out milk jugs are now made of biodegradable plastic. They don’t make things like they used to.

Also, $5 seems to be a good pricepoint in my mind for how much a shirt should cost.

So you would think, then, that I would also coupon with the best of them, but you would be wrong.

Tried it once, but it cost too much to get a paper, I’m not comfortable asking others for inserts, it takes a lot of time to organize, and you end up with items you can’t use up. Criminal.

Bryan is not this frugal, but he has better earning potential.

How frugal are you?

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