Christmas 2014

In perusing the Internets for Christmas letter inspiration, I stumbled upon an idea of rhyme. I’m loosely using Madeline by Bemelmans as rhythm inspiration. Hope you enjoy!

In a house in Rochester of siding and brick,

lived 2 girls and a boy, the last one was quick.

There was Emma and Hannah, who both were a joy.

The last one was Micah, he was our boy.

Their parents whose names were Amie and Bryan

were both good looking and smart, this author’s not lyin’.

Our story here attempts to recall the events of winter, spring, summer and fall,

and let you know what we’ve done, one and all.

The family’s leader, Bryan, is really quite fearless,

and as our resident computer expert, we’re sure that he’s peerless.

As his reward for the code he did grapple,

he now sells apps at Google, Amazon, and Apple.

He still works at Mayo Clinic in a suit and a tie,

Though I’m pretty sure Micah thinks he’s the bus driving guy.

Amie still delights in being a mother

to her very sweet girls and the boy they call brother.

She’s also their teacher but her role had expanded

beyond what it originally had demanded.

For Classical Conversations, she now teaches a class in grammar and writing and even some math

to eight wonderful students that have been placed on her path.

Emma is one of the students but that’s really not all

that has kept her so busy this winter summer and fall.

She’s learning to sew and to cook yummy food,

she reads books galore and enjoys friends who aren’t rude.

Hannah is still full of the most lovely graces

and now she sports teeth that are decorated with braces.

She likes to draw and has started some writing;

she builds with her Legos, and her conversation’s enlight’ning.

And finally there is Micah who has just grown and grown,

his aptitude for talking is really well known.

He loves trucks and dogs, and if we teach him hunting and guitar,

we’ll probably end up with our own country star.

Our year has included some trips long and short

with trips to Williston, Bismarck, and Inspiration Point to report.

We’re also renovating our big room for cooking,

And the progress we’ve made is rather good looking.

And now comes an end to the part of this letter so braggy,

for there were parts of this year that were really quite saggy.

We have troubles in life as surely you do

which is why we would like to write this to you.

The reason we celebrate this time of year

is because it’s when the God of everything came near.

You see because of His love, He couldn’t leave us in sin,

He sent His Son Jesus to earth, our pardon to win.

Here we celebrate His birth, but it was really His death and His rising

that cleansed those who love Him and have our hopes rising.

You see, soon all troubles and pain will fade away

for those who love God will see Him that day.

And there He’ll delight in making things right

and returning creation to something beautiful, wonderful, loving, and bright.

And, friend, I would like you to be there with us,

and I pray you’ll believe and trust in Jesus.

Merry Christmas from the Logans!

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