My latest app: After That

Here’s my latest app: After That

You can find it on the iTunes App Store, Google Play, or Amazon.  Information is also posted on Logan Apps.

After ThatThis app is a story-telling tool that can be used in a group of people or by yourself.

The way the tools works is simple. Shake your device and you get a word. Start a story and make sure to use the given word during the introduction. If you are having troubling thinking of a beginning, simply shake again so you have a second word to work with. When you are done with the start of the story, simply say, “After That”, leaving the story plot open for the next person.



The next person takes the devices, shakes it, and gets a new word. They continue with the story making sure to use the new word. When they want to let the next person go, they simply say “After That”, and the next person takes a turn.

Smaller children may not have the ability to develop a plot with a given word as easily. They may simply take their word and state, “After that he saw a (WORD). After that…” Therefore, you may want to make sure that those people capable of expanding on a story are spread out to allow the story to stay on track.

If you’re not in a group, such as doing creative writing or simply telling a story to kids, simply use “After That” to get a prompt for the next part of the story.

And yes, the next version will allow you to create your own words.  This first version was something I quickly did over Thanksgiving weekend.

Let me know what you think!

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