Why do homeschool moms wear jean skirts

Homeschool moms, in general, dress a lot like other people anymore. They will sing the praises of yoga pants like every other mom ever. Despite our fashion improvements, it seems we still wear denim skirts more often than the general population. Why? Here are a few reasons you might see that homeschooling mom sporting a denim skirt.

It beats denim jumpers. Remember those shapeless denim jumpers of the 80s? Some were like overalls with no legs? I was young then and not homeschooled, but I hear tell that those are what all the cool moms used to wear. *shudder*

We are too tired for matching. You know what goes with denim? The everything. This is the ultimate in mix and match wardrobe pieces. Plus, being a skirt, you get bonus points for effort.

Once you’ve had more than the average number of children, or let’s be honest, even one child, pants can be hostile. You have to start looking for things with tummy panels and slimming fits. And it was OK in the wide leg days, but skinny jeans? Nope. Best to stick that stuff in a skirt.

A lovely lady on Twitter told us that skirts and leggings are like sweats and a blanket. Only they look grown up and like you got out of bed and like you care about life. Denim skirts are a win here because they do not create as much static cling as other hostile fabrics. Add some cute boots and you have a look any Northerner will envy.

Denim skirts are readily available at thrift stores and lots of us love our thrift stores. Buy used and save the difference isn’t just for Duggars, it’s a stay at home mom’s BFF. Especially a homeschooling mom’s BFF because we need to buy all the books instead.

Denim lets you scratch off all the crusty things your kids wipe on you all day long. Boogers? Peanut butter? Applesauce? Not a problem. Just wait until dried (because you don’t have time to clean that right now anyway) then use your fingernail to scrape away. Dark denim also hides errant pen and marker streaks as well.

Finally, all our friends are doing it. Don’t think homeschool moms are above peer pressure. We’re obviously not.

Bryan says there should be denim skirt sales in the exhibitor hall at the homeschool convention. What do you think, is this a viable business opportunity for me?


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