I’m still a little disappointed

I’m emotional, but even so, I’m a fairly steady person. Sure, if we have company coming and the house is a wreck, I get a little up in arms, but other than that, I’ve mellowed considerably since my teen years. This is why I get a little frustrated with myself when it comes to my irrational behavior related to food while pregnant.

Weeks ago, but it’s still as fresh in my memory as yesterday, I brought a large bowl of homemade buttered popcorn to a Women’s Movie Night at our church. There was a little left over, so I brought it home. The next day, SOMEONE had eaten it before I could have it for snack. I did not interrogate the suspects, but I did consider labeling every snack in the house with my name just in case I might want it.

Bryan went to a Mexican restaurant with some coworkers for a going away party. I haven’t been to a Mexican restaurant in a really, really long time. I NEED a totally inauthentic seafood enchilada since last week. I really do.

We’re out of salsa. We have chips. This is sad, but what I really want is an avocado to mash and add a little salt and cumin to because it was SO GOOD at Costco the other day that I considered circling around for a second sample.

Micah expects me to share. To share MY food. When I have a meal or a snack, he wants a bite of MY food. While not pregnant, I laugh and tell people that that this is the toddler diet and how I lose the baby weight, but when I’m putting on the baby weight, it’s not really that funny any more. I need food. ALL of the food.

I had a major sinus event over the weekend, and I was unable to make pretzels for Easter. I don’t want bought pretzels, I want homemade whole wheat pretzels with homemade cheese sauce, but we have this play thing going on and I don’t have time. This is a tragedy. I feel unreasonably sad about it.

We also decided to go to church breakfast instead of make muffins and egg bake at home. I need to find time to make some muffins because every time I go into the kitchen for breakfast, I just think about muffins. Blueberry muffins, lemon muffins, those little mini donut muffins. Mmmmm, muffins.

I could go on and on about my food irrationalities, but here’s the last one. On Friday, Bryan bought Starburst jelly beans because he remembered that they were “really good” which I deny about jelly beans that are not certain flavors of Jelly Belly. But, the package said Starburst, and I’m still sad that it wasn’t actual Starburst chews because those are good unlike their jelly bean relatives. The kids had a handful of Starburst chews in their treat bags from church. I ate almost all of them, but someone got to one or two of them before me. I’m still a little disappointed.

What’s your most recent food disappointment?


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