Return of the Sock Nemesis

A while ago, I shared some of my sock woes. Well, I have more. A while back, Bryan received some black socks, for Christmas, I think. I was folding the socks one day while doing laundry, and I noticed a little orange-red mark on them.


It was an “L” or and “R”. The socks have a left and right. I went directly to Bryan to ensure that surely this was a cruel, cruel joke, but NO! He assured me that the socks actually fit better when placed on the correct foot. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

I cannot emphasize enough my extreme anger, disgust, and actual thoughts of strangling someone with socks that they designed to have a left and a right. This is a crime against laundry. I actually fold socks. I shouldn’t be penalized for this.

Down with sock fascism! Do you fold socks?

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