Nesting like crazy. Really, really crazy.

Regardless of not being ready to meet a whole new person, I’ve been doing my best to get the house ready. Something just makes me more than slightly insane when I’m expecting. You see, I know that I will be not able to complete projects or probably even think coherently for 3-6 months after baby is born. So, I have redone and organized like it will be years before I do it again. Because it just might be.

First, we moved the girls downstairs and redecorated their room. They chose a grey, blue, and yellow theme. It’s done except shelves and artwork on the walls. I really need to finish getting things spray painted this week, though before it gets too cold.

We then dismantled their old room and redecorated it for baby. It also needs wall stuff, but I’m happy to say that I actually have artwork purchased for this baby’s walls. I also washed up the old and new clothes for 0-3 months, put diapers on Amazon Subscribe and Save, purchased thousands of wipes, found old baby gear and ordered new for what needed replacing. The most pressing thing in that room is that I need to find a lamp before I’m nursing in there in the middle of the night.

Sometime in all of that, we moved Micah to a toddler bed and replaced his dresser and moved toys into bins for easier clean up. He’s pretty jazzed about the big boy bed. It was a much easier transition than I expected, and we’ve only caught him trying to escape downstairs once.

We also changed up the school room by replacing a couch with rocker recliners and moving a desk in. I cleaned out the shelves. I still need to get through all my random planning papers and get those organized as well as relabel the books on the shelves to reflect our current required reading lists.

We continued our quest for a remodeled kitchen by painting. Well, Bryan painted. I ordered the new blinds. All that’s left is to hire someone to install the backsplash because we want it to be done well (we’re pretty much amateurs) and we just don’t have time for it right now.

Also in the kitchen, I bought 40 lbs of chicken breasts and 40 lbs of ground beef from Zaycon Fresh and freezer cooked it all up into meals for after baby. There are other meals I would have liked to have made, but our freezer is full now and the grocery store has a lot of premade food, so we’ll probably survive. Especially, if I show the girls how to make bread in the breadmaker before this little guy comes.

Early, early in the summer, we had the basement torn up to replace the drain tile so it would stop leaking and replaced the drywall down there that had gotten moldy. Then later, we went through most of the things in that downstairs storage room and got rid of bins and bins and boxes of things we don’t need or that aren’t a good idea to keep. Bryan is still going to organize the tool area, but it’s all walkable down there and the girls can play Legos or American Girl dolls again.

Along with the girls’ room, I reorganized the craft area to move a dresser into the girls’ room and an organ out. I am still working on pattern organization, and I’d really like to get a few nursing tops sewn up.

We also put the guest bed and dresser in Bryan’s office. Once we clean out the excess from there, a friend will help us build a desk to go in his closet to give him and guests a little more room in there.

When we weren’t gone or busy, we’ve continued to homeschool. We did math, Bible Bee, and a few other subjects this summer.

I’m still working on potty training Micah, and he’s getting better and better. I do feel like he’s mastered drinking out of a regular cup instead of a zippy cup, however.

It’s just been a lot.

At times I just hoped I wouldn’t cause anyone to faint away or die with my relentless drive to get things done. I have no idea where the energy for these projects came from, and sometimes I didn’t really have the energy to do them, but I did them anyway because I needed to.

Clearly, I get pregnancy-related insanity disorder. But, at least the house is a bit more settled because between homeschooling, a toddler, and a baby, we’re going to have to be happy with just the basics getting done for a while. Clean clothes, clean dishes, and nobody tripping and falling to their deaths on books and toys are my goals once baby comes.

So this is why the blog has been a little quiet lately. I hope to be able to share more fun stuff the kids do and more about our school year and, of course, about the new little guy now that we’ve mostly done all the things.

So, please tell me about other people you know that get this crazy while pregnant. What’s the biggest new baby project you or someone else has taken on?

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