Thoughts at 37 weeks

We’re full term, and if this one was born as early as Micah was, we only have until Tuesday. A few years back, I was at Home Depot talking with a guy about countertop. He was mentioning that his wife was expecting, and he asks me, “How did you know you were ready?” I told him, “You’re not ready. You can never be ready. You don’t know them. You don’t know how it is going to be.” I fully believe that now more than ever. I will never be ready for this new little one, but I am getting very excited to see him and hold him. It’s a boy if I haven’t mentioned that here before. I probably have a post about the gender reveal in the drafts somewhere waiting for Bryan’s video of the kids finding out to never, ever be added because busy.

On a related note, his name is Isaiah. We ended up sticking with our “ends in an uh” theme completely by accident as this was the only name in both of our top 3 lists.

Why are things always falling on the ground? Can gravity really just be suspended while I’m pregnant? Especially with little things like socks, scraps of paper, garbage, matchbox cars?

Can it just not get cold enough for me to need socks until I have the baby? Socks are really, really hard to put on right now. I have to kind of grab my pant leg and boost my foot close enough to put on the sock. It’s ridiculous, but not as ridiculous as the girls on the pregnancy forum when I was pregnant with Micah who were trying to induce labor by bringing their foot up to their ear. I’m not even sure how that was possible right now. Maybe they did a lot of prenatal yoga?

I’m running out of clothes. I don’t know if I’ve shifted shape or what but I the last few weeks, my clothes have begun to not fit. Bryan commented on my pajamas asking if I was mixing things up, I replied that I just searched my drawer for something large and tentlike. Another day, I asked if the denim jacket and jeans were too much together, but he said that the large expanse of plaid that is our baby (under my plaid shirt) really detracted from the denim effect. Not sure I should be relieved about that. I really should know better than to ask him about clothes, though.

How can people believe in evolution when toenails continue to grow during the third trimester? That fits much better with the creation/fall/curse theory than evolution.

Why do people think it will make you feel better to say they thought you were due much sooner than you are? Stop that! I don’t want your sympathy, I want lies about how great I look and how easy this labor will be. I want you to tell me what great siblings my kids will be, not tell me I look miserable. I thought I was doing good. Until now.

I’m exhausted. This morning I went for a walk, ate breakfast, took a shower, and felt bad that I couldn’t take a nap before church. Super tired. I both hope I get some energy back to clean up the house and simultaneously hope that I just have the baby.

Walking has been super helpful this pregnancy. I’ve been able to get out most days and it really does help my energy. So much so that I voluntarily get up to go walking at 6:30 am which is not like me at all.

My chiropractor is just super sweet and sympathetic. I say something hurts and she makes sympathetic noises and does something to fix it. I always hate that “It’s Not About the Nail” skit because for me it IS about the nail. If I tell you I have a nail, and you fix it, I am exceedingly pleased. I just asked Bryan to make some phone calls for me because making phone calls is a nail, and it was making me anxious and stressed, and now I feel relieved because I can just do all the other stuff, like start packing a hospital bag.

The more “real” contractions have started. That means baby is getting closer. I have one person lined up to come in the middle of the night if needed, but now I’m wondering if I should talk to my friend about being back up for during the day. My mom is anxiously waiting to come out after baby’s arrival, but there’s no way at 12 hours driving distance that she’ll make it before we would have to go to the hospital, and as she’s still working, she can’t just come out and hang out with me for a few weeks as much as that would be awesome. Still, I’m just delighted and relieved that she’ll be here after to “be me” and make sure the laundry and the food and the school and the cleaning still get done while I just rest and recover.

I hate having a cold while pregnant. If anything makes me want to hold off on having the baby for a few days, it’s that I want myself and everyone else to be fully recovered before he comes. Also, I want to not wake myself up with the noises my nose is making. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

I’m a baby hog. When I have a new baby, I don’t want you to come over and hold the baby while I nap. I, firstly, want that baby to learn to nap in his bed if at all possible and not become dependent on being held while napping. Secondly, I want to hold the baby, and not just while I’m feeding him. I want to look at his little face, and touch his hands and cheeks, and kiss his little face. I want you, visitor, to wait on me and baby like we are royalty. Really, with all the other people in this house, I have to share baby enough. I am a baby hog, but it’s my baby, so I’m not really repentant about it.

Now, do you have any predictions for the baby pool? My dad is pushing for September 20th as it’s his birthday. Girls, as always, are for tomorrow. I don’t have a strong feeling, but I’m thinking a week or two (hopefully baby doesn’t wait 4 or more just to spite me). Due date is October 2. What’s your guess?

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