That’s the name of Thor’s hammer. When Bryan and I watched the Thor and Avenger movies, the most impressive thing to me about this hammer is not its destructive capabilities. No, it’s that when he holds out his hand, the hammer returns to him.

When we had our last baby, I joked with Bryan that I needed this ability with my phone. If I actually remember to have the ringer or vibrate on and the phone rings, it’s never easily accessible to me. It’s always on another floor of the house or buried under books and papers. I missed two calls tonight alone. Imagine if, when I heard my phone ringing or vibrating somewhere, I could simply hold out my hand, and it would fly to me so I could actually answer it. This would be amazing. But let’s not stop there.

When I’m nursing a baby, I’m often stuck in a chair or carrying a baby or short on time when I need an item. Here are a few other items that should come when I open my hand:

  • Burp cloths-So much spit up.
  • Wet wipes-terrible blow out diaper, messy toddler, jelly on the table? This handles them all.
  • Writing utensil-I can never find them, and I buy pretty much all of them when we start the homeschool year, so they must be somewhere.
  • Water bottle-Mom-ing is thirsty work.
  • Socks-No one in my family ever has these when it’s time to walk out the door.
  • Coffee/soda- I’m not caffeining now, but that day will come again, and it will be a glorious day indeed.
  • Chocolate-Because sometimes there are those days.
  • The toddler-Then I won’t have to set down the was-nursing, now-crying baby to assert my authority.
  • Fingernail trimmer-Mostly because I can never find it.
  • Keys-same
  • All the toys in the room-Because then I could gather them together in my hand and slam dunk them into the toy box like some globetrotting wizard of awesomeness.

What I’m really saying here is telekinesis would be amazing right now, especially if I could accomplish it without needing to know the location of an item. How can I gain this superpower?

What would your Mjölnir be?

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