What it’s like or Hey! That’s where my socks went!

No one has asked me what it’s like being a mom of four, probably because it doesn’t seem that different from three, but it’s pretty different. It’s great because I have adorable and fascinating children, but it’s busy. Very busy.

The other morning I showered and grabbed my socks, heading out to the other room to get Micah dressed and get him out of the girls’ hair so that they could focus on school. I got him dressed, switched out laundry, went over some school, fed the baby, made the lunch, more school, more baby, more Micah. It came time to leave for choir, and I couldn’t find my socks. Emma found me a different pair and off we went.

Two days later, I was getting Micah dressed, and I saw my socks on his dresser! Since I hadn’t found socks yet that day, I grabbed them to put on and helped Micah get a pull up on for nap. In the time it took to wrestle him into his pull up and pants, I lost those socks again! I tore the room apart, but he needed to get to nap, and those socks were gone, again.

Later that afternoon, we were all sitting together in the school room. Micah is wrestling around with Bryan. I’m feeding the baby. One of the girls was reading with us, one downstairs. Bryan got an odd look on his face and asked if Micah had pooped in his pull up. Micah says no, then maybe yes. Bryan pulls out the pants to do a visual check, gets an even stranger look on his face, and pulls out my socks.

Needless to say, I still picked out a different pair.

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