Children: God’s instrument of humility

We were sitting in church today. Bryan was ushering in back, and I had my posse with me, an entourage, if you will, of my favorite little people. Eventually, Isaiah was brought back to his daddy and I had Micah on my lap which is where he behaves best during church. He’s had a runny nose of late, and he kept wanting to pick the dried boogers. We sit up in front in church so beside the fact that nose picking is a disgusting occupation, it could also be distracting to others, so I reminded him many times not to pick his nose. Then, as we were singing the last song, he starts holding Hannah’s hand. I turn to look at this sweet sibling bonding moment only to witness him using Hannah’s finger to pick his nose. Later, recounting the story with Hannah, she remarked, “He really is a problem solver.” Only Hannah could appreciate someone’s problem solving abilities after being used as a human tissue.

What type of creative problem solving solutions do your children employ?

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