A Nice Relaxing Way to End the Evening

One of the most perfect ways to end the day is to take a walk in the evening. The night is cool and still. If it’s early enough, you can see the sunset. I love it. Or I did. Until this summer.
It was then that our nightly walks turned treacherous as legions of frogs and toads descended on our sidewalks in an attempt to warm their cold blooded bodies. I don’t know if it was the overly warm summer or the overly wet spring, but never have I seen such multitudes of amphibious creatures.

Hardly a block could be walked without unwelcome nocturnal creatures hopping under your feet. I lived in mortal fear of one hopping into my leg, or worse, stepping on one and hearing an unfortunate squish.

This led to a new cadence on our walks, instead of steady stepping, we would walk, pause, investigate a shadow, determine the best course around it, and then cautiously step past. No route near our home was hop free. I had to start using my phone as a flashlight to investigate.

This all would have been made simpler if frogs and toads had some modicum of intelligence and a predictable pattern of behavior, but no. Obviously, we were larger than they and could easily crush them. Beyond this, they are not camouflaged on the sidewalk. It would behoove them well to flee ahead of us in terror, but alas, only some would hop away while others like overly tired toddlers who want screen time held their ground. If they would just choose to either freeze or hop every time, it would have been extremely helpful. But that was asking too much, apparently.

Sometimes Emma would bring a stick along to shoo them out of the way, but it seemed to only make their behavior more erratic. Also, the thought of touching them with a stick grosses me out.

This is all to say that, although I probably won’t give up my evening walks until it gets too chilly for them (thankfully, not having a coat as I do, all amphibious creatures seem to have hibernated for the winter), treadmills do have their advantages.

Are you also skittish like a little girl?

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