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Sabbath Rest vs the To Do List

I’m prepping for school this fall. Never mind that Emma starts back to her co-op on Tuesday. Never mind that I started doing school anyway just because we needed to get some things done. This fall will be prepped for, … Continue reading

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I didn’t get heckled

I was asked to share a testimony at our church during the Lenten service about how God has worked in my life. I could tell I was pretty nervous about it because I had a dream that people started walking … Continue reading

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Christmas 2014

In perusing the Internets for Christmas letter inspiration, I stumbled upon an idea of rhyme. I’m loosely using Madeline by Bemelmans as rhythm inspiration. Hope you enjoy! In a house in Rochester of siding and brick, lived 2 girls and … Continue reading

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The news has been ridiculously bad lately, has it not? Nigerian girls kidnapped at the beginning of summer. Immigration border issues escalating. Ebola outbreak in Africa with hundreds dying. Israel and Gaza unrest, images of broken, bloodied children from there, … Continue reading

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A better answer for Hannah

This is a post written for me (because my memory is faulty) and for Hannah. She’ll get to read it in the morning. Tonight, Hannah had questions for me. I answered them as fully as I thought to then, but … Continue reading

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Bible study with kids.

We’ve really enjoyed being at homeschool conventions over the years. At one, I remember a dad talking about leading Bible Study with his kids. He stated that it wasn’t that hard, you just choose a passage of scripture, find three … Continue reading

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Morning Worship

At our morning worship time today, we were blessed to be able to hear about how God is working and opening doors for our church’s missionaries among three different Muslim people groups in Chad. People there are thirsty for Christ … Continue reading

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Musings on Deuteronomy-Slaves of Egypt and Slaves of Sin

I’ve been reading in Deuteronomy for my quiet times this week, and the pattern that’s been running through my mind is the connection between the people God first saved (the Israelites who were slaves to Egypt) and the people God … Continue reading

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Grace for one another

Today is Halloween, the day when all the Christians . . . disagree as to what the proper thing to do on Halloween is. A really good friend of mine and her family just decided to not celebrate Halloween. To … Continue reading

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And the dough did not run out

Today we were making a bunch of cookies for a church event. They were cut outs which means “time consuming.” We were doing it while Micah napped because when he woke up, I would have to pause everything to feed … Continue reading

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