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Depression-era Frugal

As I started cutting the watermelon off the rind that my husband had missed with the melon baller, I realized that I’m not really like other people. At least not in this generation. Last week, I got grief for pouring … Continue reading

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I have a lot of cabinets

It was Wednesday. Our co-op was going to take the next week off, so we had a free week where we did not need to do school everyday. I had two thoughts about what to do with this week. 1. … Continue reading

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Not so great of a discount

A few weekends ago my brother was visiting and we were at the mall. We had walked by an earring kiosk and Amie stopped to look. Looking above the kiosk, there was a sign.  I said: $25 off your next … Continue reading

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More McDonald’s Math

Bryan addressed cost of eating at McDonald’s in his last post. So let’s look at time savings. Unless you work at McDonald’s, stopping for breakfast is going to take you a little out of your way. But, let’s say you … Continue reading

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McDonald’s Math

If I told you x+y = 5 and x+2y = 7, you would be able to determine that x=3 and y=2. Basically, we had an x and y, and when we added another y, it went up by 2. So … Continue reading

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Nope, this is not a review for the documentary. This is just something that naturally happens as you or anyone else educates or simply hangs out with your children. We already touched briefly on this during the heathen pasta incident. … Continue reading

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Determining what your kids really want

If you ask any parent, they’re going to tell you that they want to get their kids the greatest gifts and do the most fun things. When I was in college, I had a co-op here in Rochester. I was … Continue reading

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Simple Pricebook

I just got done with the latest app. Amie had requested something like this a while ago, but I thought there was something in Google Play that would do what she wanted. Finally, we sat down and looked and just … Continue reading

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Points System

We don’t do this any more.  It worked well for us for that point of our lives, but not really any more. However, we thought we’d share it since it may be helpful to couples with new babies.

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Date Nights

Some people are fancy and go out to dinner all dressed up. Bryan did put on a tie and take us to a fancy Italian restaurant for lunch on Valentine’s Day, but mostly we stay true to our roots (McDonald’s … Continue reading

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