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A Nice Relaxing Way to End the Evening

One of the most perfect ways to end the day is to take a walk in the evening. The night is cool and still. If it’s early enough, you can see the sunset. I love it. Or I did. Until … Continue reading

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Micah received a gift in the mail from my parents. I wasn’t sure when he was going to get it, but I wanted to tell the girls about it, so I used the old parenting technique of spelling it out. … Continue reading

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Are you OK?

It’s once again time for me to share some pregnancy etiquette tips. Last time I was pregnant, I shared some appropriate questions to ask pregnant women, now I’m sharing when might be an appropriate time to ask the question “Are … Continue reading

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Return of the Sock Nemesis

A while ago, I shared some of my sock woes. Well, I have more. A while back, Bryan received├é┬ásome black socks, for Christmas, I think. I was folding the socks one day while doing laundry, and I noticed a little … Continue reading

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For those with sensitive noses or how I change diapers with morning sickness

I don’t know if you’ll ever need this very important life hack, but when Bryan and Micah got food poisoning for several days while I was still battling morning sickness, I needed it to survive. Changing #2 while pregnant is … Continue reading

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Why do homeschool moms wear jean skirts

Homeschool moms, in general, dress a lot like other people anymore. They will sing the praises of yoga pants like every other mom ever. Despite our fashion improvements, it seems we still wear denim skirts more often than the general … Continue reading

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Christmas 2014

In perusing the Internets for Christmas letter inspiration, I stumbled upon an idea of rhyme. I’m loosely using Madeline by Bemelmans as rhythm inspiration. Hope you enjoy! In a house in Rochester of siding and brick, lived 2 girls and … Continue reading

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Candy Socialism

or Candy “Early Church” if you prefer Tonight is the night when many households become enriched with a cornucopia of candy blessings (or curses if you worry about the health of your family). There are many different theories as to … Continue reading

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Family Photo Fails

I took everyone out to take our yearly picture. No artsy faded backgrounds or cool photo edits this year because my camera is not that good and my photo editing software is the free stuff, so you’re stuck with the … Continue reading

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Signs that you might be a homeschool dad

I saw this post from Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers, and the title made me wonder. What if someone really was a homeschool dad and he didn’t know it? What if his wife had asked him while he was browsing on the … Continue reading

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