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Amazing Life Hacks 2: Return of Mediocrity

If you missed the previous Amazing Life Hacks, don’t worry.  You didn’t miss much.  I mean, you could read it it you wanted to.  But we’re back for another round of Life Hacks: Wifi signal isn’t strong and you have … Continue reading

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My bid for the White House

People go out and drink on their 21st birthday, because it’s the first time they can (legally) do that.  I never did that because I’m not really a fan of drinking.  I also didn’t smoke at midnight on my 18th … Continue reading

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Setting the clock on the microwave

Clock, clock, numbers, start.  That’s how you set the time on our microwave.  Really, this is a post to myself.  I will search for this post twice a year.  I probably need to SEO it up a bit. “Daylight savings … Continue reading

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Coke names

Have you noticed the Coke bottles with names on them?  They started appearing earlier this year.  They say “Share a Coke with …..” and then the name of someone.  To be honest, I have yet to purchase a Coke to … Continue reading

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A professor and golf balls: How it should’ve gone

Note: Even if the story seems familiar, please go through it all the way. A professor stood before his class with some items. When the class began, he picked up an empty mayonnaise jar and proceeded to fill it with … Continue reading

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Code Taste Test

Some programmers like to brag that they “eat and drink” code.  This might be confusing for the non-programmers out there, so I decided to have a programming taste test.  I’ll sample various types of programming languages and describe the taste. … Continue reading

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I grew up with two brothers. One things we’d fight over is which part of the couch you got to sit and watch TV.  Before my parents got a sectional, the couch had two ends.  There are three boys.  You … Continue reading

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Dentist stories

Here’s some random stories about my experience with the dentist. The first cavity I had was at age 18.  I went into the dentist to get it fixed.  He didn’t really explain what was going on.  Oh!  That’s a pokey … Continue reading

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National (Thing) Day

Did you celebrate National Popcorn Day on January 19th?  Or are you waiting for January 31st? No one can seem to know for sure when it occurs. Even the people at Popcorn Board (probably the biggest popcorn lobbyists in the … Continue reading

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Barbie’s comb really works

For Christmas, we planned to visit my parents during the trip also. However, since Micah got sick, I ended up going to my parents with just the girls while Amie stayed with Micah. I somehow managed to leave my comb … Continue reading

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