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Skinny jeans are a gateway pant

It was time to get ready for bed. I was ready. You see, the night before and much of the morning had been spent being puked on by a little guy who thinks garbage cans are for people without mommies. … Continue reading

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Dropping Illusions

Valentine’s Day is a holiday marketed with a ton of illusions. According to various ads, all you need for a Happy Valentine’s Day is a date, flowers, candy, dinner reservations, dress/suit/tie, fancy underclothes, alcoholic beverages, fancy desserts, romantic movies, hotel … Continue reading

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Subscription boxes

What’s up with all the subscription boxes? Now, don’t confuse these with “(Blank) of the Month” clubs.  Those have been around for a while.  You pay something, and you get a sample of that item every month.  But they’re pretty … Continue reading

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This is not in my personality description

So, when you’re painting cabinets, you have a lot of time to think. Sometimes I turn on a podcast, but other times people are sleeping. So I’ve been thinking a lot. And I’ve thought about how some people custom paint … Continue reading

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Depression-era Frugal

As I started cutting the watermelon off the rind that my husband had missed with the melon baller, I realized that I’m not really like other people. At least not in this generation. Last week, I got grief for pouring … Continue reading

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Random Ramblings

Since I’m unwilling to actually polish and edit one of the 42 drafts sitting in my pile, you get some random ramblings about what has been going on lately here. School. We’ve started our co-op and school activities have picked … Continue reading

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Pondering stoplights

I think about things constantly.  Like elevators. And other things. They’ve been having a lot of construction near our house recently so a bridge is now one-lane.  This causes a lot of traffic to get backed up. But do you … Continue reading

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I don’t buy stuff without my lie detector

I am empathetic. I don’t feel bad for you (or good for you); I feel bad with you (or good with you). So, I can be easily swayed by feelings. This is good when someone needs someone to talk to. … Continue reading

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Code Taste Test

Some programmers like to brag that they “eat and drink” code.  This might be confusing for the non-programmers out there, so I decided to have a programming taste test.  I’ll sample various types of programming languages and describe the taste. … Continue reading

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We will, We will ROCK YOU! (to sleep)

Micah was getting into Bryan’s nightstand drawer which holds all manner of important Father’s Day gifts of yore. I had Emma put up one of the more fragile gifts. I told her to put it up away from “Caker and … Continue reading

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