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Evaluating Software Support

Sometimes when evaluating a product, I submit a support request just to see how the company handles it. Here’s my experience so far: Me: I’m encountering this issue (and all the details). Also, if you click “Create a Ticket” and … Continue reading

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Reinventing: The Doorbell

At my new job, we have part of an office building.  The door leading to our section is locked.  It leads to a large room that’s our general meeting room, and then our offices are located along the outside wall.  … Continue reading

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Tongue detection on mobile devices

I’ve been at my new job doing mobile development full-time for just over three weeks now.  Since I get to spend all day doing mobile stuff, I’ve learned a lot more about Android, iOS, and mobile in general. But the … Continue reading

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So what if it’s not a new idea?

Ecclesiastest 1:9b says, “There is nothing new under the sun.”  The Barenaked Ladies have a song called “It’s All Been Done“. Some people think that doing something that’s been done isn’t worthwhile.  In the last few weeks, I’ve seen multiple … Continue reading

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Want to give a Valentine’s App instead of a card this year?

Last year it was really hectic around Valentine’s Day.  I didn’t have time to run to the store and pick up a card.  So instead I created an app for Amie. It was an extremely simple app, just one screen … Continue reading

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How to watch the big game on your TV without cable or antenna

We don’t have cable or satellite at our house. We thought we might try to get an antenna for Super Bowl and the Olympics. It didn’t get many channels, and some were still flaky. For the last few years, the … Continue reading

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My latest app: After That

Here’s my latest app: After That You can find it on the iTunes App Store, Google Play, or Amazon.  Information is also posted on Logan Apps. This app is a story-telling tool that can be used in a group of … Continue reading

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How much does an app cost?

I frequently get asked how much an app cost. Well, PTO Tracker is $1.99, and Simple Pricebook is $.99. And Quidbit is free. Oh, wait, they’re asking how much it costs to create an app.This is like asking how much … Continue reading

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Pizza Hut’s Mobile Site is Awful

Amie went to a crafting night, so the girls and I decided to pick up Pizza Hut for dinner. I’m documenting the experience to educate people on UX process.  UI is how stuff looks.  UX is the broader experience.  For … Continue reading

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Just do that and you should be done

Amie and I were talking about Wes Molebash. Wes draws cartoons.  In fact, Wes is the guy that made this: Wes has recently decided to shift from making a web comic to making a children’s book. He’s documenting the process … Continue reading

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