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Reinventing: The Doorbell

At my new job, we have part of an office building.  The door leading to our section is locked.  It leads to a large room that’s our general meeting room, and then our offices are located along the outside wall.  … Continue reading

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So what if it’s not a new idea?

Ecclesiastest 1:9b says, “There is nothing new under the sun.”  The Barenaked Ladies have a song called “It’s All Been Done“. Some people think that doing something that’s been done isn’t worthwhile.  In the last few weeks, I’ve seen multiple … Continue reading

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Another app coming down the pipeline

After getting Simple Pricebook into the Apple App Store, I decided to start working on another project. I have a giant list of ideas. Some of those I will probably never do, because I come up with the idea, but … Continue reading

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Reinventing – Connect 4

Micah was taking a nap and Emma and Amie had gone out shopping.  Hannah asked if I wanted to play a game, so we grabbed Connect 4 off the shelf and played.

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Reinventing-The MRI machine

Hey! It’s my first Reinventing post. This one has to do with the MRI, and it was birthed because you do a lot of thinking when you have to sit still for 45 minutes when you get an MRI. I’m … Continue reading

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Website redesign ideas

I’m thinking about redoing the website for .Overall it would be a flat UI design (like how Android and (soon) iOS look). This is a wireframe mockup. It will have color 🙂

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You should patent that….or should you?

I come up with ideas all the time.  Some are good, some are bad. At my previous job, we could turn our ideas into patents.  I have over 30 US Patent applications, 19 issued patents (it takes years for those … Continue reading

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Reinventing – Books

So today, I was talking with a coworker and we were talking about books. He mentioned that he hates getting books as a gift because he feels like he’s obligated to read them. I mentioned that I still haven’t finished … Continue reading

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The first app I sold

PTO Tracker isn’t the first app I’ve sold. Back in high school, I wrote a program for the TI-82 calculator. It was in Honor’s Advanced Algebra and we were doing 3 system equations. What are those?  The problem looks something … Continue reading

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What’s in store for Logan Apps

So last week I talked about Logan Apps expanding. I’ve finally got some time to talk about what’s going on. Some of this might be a bit on the technical side, so anything in green that you can’t understand, don’t … Continue reading

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